Celebrating 27 Years of Service in the Upstate Serving Spartanburg, South Carolina, and Surrounding Area

Celebrating 27 Years of Service in the Upstate

Serving Spartanburg, South Carolina, and Surrounding Area


Key 2019 Tax Highlights
Advantage Tax Service is a family owned and operated tax preparation firm located on West Main Street in Spartanburg, SC. For twenty seven years we have been entrusted to complete thousands of tax returns, Because we get new business from the people who know us best, client referrals continue to fuel our growth. We continue to build our business on a very basic principal, which is one satisfied client at a time. We invite you to be the next one. We look forward to serving you soon.

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It’s Official –

The 2019 Tax Filing Season has ended.  After a three month extension caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Please note if you did not file or filed for an Extension, we will be available to assist you.

It has truly been a challenging year as we faced a delay of the beginning of the E-file Season (1/28), a tornado (2/6) that disrupted power, phone, and internet, and then the beginning of a Pandemic that certainly disrupted everyone’s life.  We have and continue to meet these challenges head on as we move towards the completion of our 27th year of serving Spartanburg and our neighboring counties.  During these trying times, we have sought a means to accomplish our mission.  That mission is to provide a great service and an accurate return at a fair price.  Our terrific clients have been real receptive to the practices we had to put in place at the very end of March.  For several weeks we worked behind a closed lobby as clients utilized our Drop Box and Secure Software Portal.  It certainly is not the same as a personal sit down appointment, but has proved very effective in this day of uncertainity brought on by the Covid 19 Virus.  Once we obtain tax documents by one of the afore mentioned methods, a return is produced and arrangements are made with clients to wrap up the return in an expedient manner.  Our primary focus is the health and safety of our clients and staff until this pandemic passes us by.

What’s ahead for Advantage Tax Service.

We have been blessed as we have remained healthy during the past four months as the Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on just about every area of our lives.  To see all the havoc it has created is traumatic to say the least.

Since completing the 2019 filing season, we will continue to serve our clients on an individual basis, as we switch to an appointment only method of helping our clients with tax matters.  We will be available to meet with you and certainly to deal with any issues that may come about.  We will begin to rely more on the phone and internet until the certainty of the pandemic subsides.  This is certainly not how we would like to continue, but all indicators tell us this is best for all concerned until more normal times return.

We want you to know that you are much appreciated and we are only a phone call or email away.  We wish you a great rest of the year and anxiously await the day we can see you face to face again.  We look forward to catching up on all that has went on and we sincerely wish you health and happiness until we see you again.