File Online

Advantage Tax Service Internet Filing Option

We are unveiling a brand new way to file your tax returns.

This new way caters to people that don’t have the time to waste sitting around in a tax office. If your time is valuable to you we have a solution:

  • Email us your tax documents, or
  • Fax us your tax documents.

The Process is simple:

  1. We prepare your return
  2. We email you the appropriate signature documents.
  3. You return these signed documents to us, and the preparation of your returns will be complete.

You will have the luxury of a highly competent Enrolled Agent completing your tax return without having to sit face to face as your return is prepared. We realize this approach is not for everyone, and we’re always available for a face to face appointment.

SAVE 35%

If you have limited tax information to prepare, you’ll have a tax professional complete your return at a huge discount of up to 35%. Some returns will compete with the sale prices of tax software you can purchase at your local office store. However you won’t have to spend half a day installing the software and second guessing if you prepared the return correctly.

For additional information about our peace of mind service email us at .

What do our Internet Clients have to say?

“Jim, thanks for the help with my taxes again this year. I thought since I moved to Louisiana I would have to find a Trustworthy Tax Specialist all over again. Being able to do everything via email and fax is a great tool. Thanks for the help.” –S. LeBleau

“I work for a company in North Carolina and manage their operations in Mexico. I live full time in Mexico but pay US and North Carolina taxes. This year my W 2 forms were sent to Advantage Tax Service in Spartanburg SC were a Foreign Earned Income Tax return was done for both US and NC. In days I received the signature forms, signed and scanned back to them, paid by phone with my Mexican international credit card and my taxes were submitted. How much easier could it be? I recommend Advantage Tax Service to anyone living in our out of the United States for a confidential and reliable Tax Return. See their web site for more information.” –C. Rogers