Retirement Planning

Why should you consider doing business with someone with RICP designation? RICP is an advanced designation appropriate for individuals specializing in the retirement income planning field and is designed for advanced financial services professionals who have a general financial planning credential and who specifically focus their practice on retirement income planning. It is designed for professionals with at least three years of financial services industry experience.  Jim is happy to announce he completed the RICP designation with the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA in January 2015 and now is ready to assist clients with their retirement needs.

He will help you explore the following three categories to enable informed decisions as they pertain to these important retirement issues.

Retirement Income Process, Strategies & Solutions

  • Understand the steps in creating an effective retirement income plan
  • Identify retirement income needs, objectives and goals by evaluating your current situation
  • Evaluate income tax, estate issues, retirement risks and other threats to an effective retirement income plan
  • Integrate risk management tools, products and strategies to create an effective retirement income plan

Sources of Retirement Income

  • Recommend the optimal age to claim Social Security benefits as appropriate for your situation
  • Understand the role of annuities in a retirement income plan
  • Have a better understanding of how executive benefits and retirement benefits for federal and military employees fit into the plan
  • Understand the different ways that life insurance can be used in planning and how to address the retirement needs of the small business owner

Managing the Retirement Income Plan

  • Choose the appropriate tax-efficient distribution options from a retirement plan
  • Help you create a health expense budget and navigate the many decisions regarding Medicare and other health care options
  • Help you prepare for their long-term care needs
  • Navigate retirement housing decisions and address home equity strategies
  • Identify the key ethical issues in retirement income planning
  • Create and manage retirement income portfolios appropriate for your situation